Professional Design

Patel Perspective Sink Wall 2 06-22-15
 Commitment To Excellence Design Fees
Measuring Only Design Only
 Zone One$50  1-10 Cabinets $25
 Zone Two$75  11-25 Cabinets $50
 25 & over $75

* Design and measuring fees will be credited against any purchases made within 90 days of the day of the measurement.


  1. Hi, We just moved into a home that has Feather Lodge Cabinetry in the Lower level. It is sort of a kitchen/laundry room area. The cabinetry is on one side. We’d like to add matching cabinetry to the other side (laundry room side to match and to cover the hoses, etc. so it would sit above the washer and dryer and a small area that bridges both areas. I can send photos. We were hoping you could assist with design and what might work.

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